Friday, March 18, 2011

hellllooooo I am here!!

I know I am a terrible blogger :) But that is just fine with me:) I do it when I feel like it and have some "worthy" of posting! Been busy the last couple of months but have done a few projects in the midst of all the chaos! This one is going to be full of pics! so lets get cracking!
First off, I was lucky enough to be involved in the "Sheart" workshop taught by Christy Tomlinson. It has bee amazing!!! It is a three week course but you have 3 months to do it in, so I have been working at my own pace. I have learned SO many cool tricks and have put some of them into the other projects I have finished as well! I have completed 2 "girls" but only have pic's of my second one....I gave my first away to a good friend the moment I finished it! So here is my sweet girl!!! I hope you love her as much as me!!!!

Next is a picture I made for my a horribly empty living room wall. I thrifted a HUGE sofa sized picture and ripped it out of the frame. Painted it white and then went to town on the "canvas" I am so happy how this turned out It took me over a month to say that I am DONE with it! Lots of layers, textures, paint and ink! The picture is the cover of a old piece of music titled "Venitian Moon" that I have had for several years. I bought it becuase I loved the look of it, but when I played it on the piano I wasn't crazy about the tune. SO I don't feel guilty about ruining a piece of sheet music. I thrifted the large silver "moon" (acutally a neclace brooch combo) and added a little ink to distress it. It is suppose to symbolize the moon, becuase of the title that was showing at the time but ended up being camoflauged under a few layers of goodness, but I still like to call it a moon! So hope you like it! BTW the shelf isn't exactly have what I want on it, but I haven't yet fouND the right "something".

I think that this is enough for this post....I still have my one last one I am working on right now, but it isn't done I think I will wait....maybe I will give a sneak peek later! Thanks for looking!!!! And just a quick shout out to Christy Tomlinson, she is an AMAZING teacher and has turned my creative juices on again! Thank you Christy, or in her own words...."thanks sweets!!!"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Heart Books.....

Here is my 3D heart pic....I like it but......I am not quite happy with how it turned out....I might need to piddle around with it later or change it up next year....But this where my Love of Elsie is very much shown....Oh how I miss that girl!!!!

Love Bird

Here is my love bird, used up some of my butcher block pad that I have had forever....I like it :)

inspired by cheap......*love* and Elsie....

So I sit here with a nasty sinus cold but thought to meself...HEY get up and blog your valentines day decor that you are finishing up. I will admist that I am NOT a huge v-day decorator. Never have but my hunny asked me why I don't do anything for any other holidays except for christmas. SO I am trying to do a few things for each little holiday....I will be an equal opportunity decorator! Unfortunately I am sans money right now...good thing for a stash of paper and umm...."stuff" (aka to my hunny as junk) my inspiration for my decor this years vday....I *heart* books....and kind of a tribute to Elsie Flannigan....oh I LOVE doodles.....they shall NEVER be out of style for me !!! SO here is what I have done as of now :) If I am sick for much longer I either my mind might totally fly the coop or I will finish more putzy stuff for the house ;)!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scrapping the Music Things Have Changed

Here is my new layout for the Scrapping the Music challenge. I chose the colors from watching the video. I hope that it isn't conceited of me but I realllllly like this! It just was so fun to create and I just felt like I let myself get out of my comfort zone! Thanks Bob Dylan, you inspired me!!!!!! HOpe you like it! BTW the journalling on the bottom reads: Not so long ago I couldn't Even order off a menu without first asking advice and now I have found myself! Somehow I have found my freedom and my voice! I have shed the chains of what people think!

I am back with a new LO!!!

I KNOW I KNOW since MAY??? Really? Well yes really. Life got very busy and I didnt get much time for scrapping! But it is a new year and I have started up again!! I found this AWESOME blog called Scrapping the music! I LOVE IT! I decided to enter the challenge this month! I have been wanting to do some challenges and I thought that this would be perfect for me. I love music and I find so much inspiration from it. The song is Bob Dylan's Things Have Changed. I had NEVER heard it and wasn't completly sold on it. I haven't really listened to Bob Dylan too much but I LOVED THE SONG! It really set home to me how I have changed so much from the girl that I used to be! The lyric "I used to care but things have changed" really hit me. I have struggled my whole life worried about what my family would think about the decisions I made, the curse of being the baby of so many! But somehow I have broke free of that! I think that adopting Saul was the first time that I broke out, I didnt care what anyone thought, I just KNEW that he was supposed to be mine! So I hope you enjoy this Layout and I ask everyone to listen to the song and read the lyrics! I have become a Bob Dylan fan !! GO BOBBY!!!!