Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am back with a new LO!!!

I KNOW I KNOW since MAY??? Really? Well yes really. Life got very busy and I didnt get much time for scrapping! But it is a new year and I have started up again!! I found this AWESOME blog called Scrapping the music! I LOVE IT! I decided to enter the challenge this month! I have been wanting to do some challenges and I thought that this would be perfect for me. I love music and I find so much inspiration from it. The song is Bob Dylan's Things Have Changed. I had NEVER heard it and wasn't completly sold on it. I haven't really listened to Bob Dylan too much but I LOVED THE SONG! It really set home to me how I have changed so much from the girl that I used to be! The lyric "I used to care but things have changed" really hit me. I have struggled my whole life worried about what my family would think about the decisions I made, the curse of being the baby of so many! But somehow I have broke free of that! I think that adopting Saul was the first time that I broke out, I didnt care what anyone thought, I just KNEW that he was supposed to be mine! So I hope you enjoy this Layout and I ask everyone to listen to the song and read the lyrics! I have become a Bob Dylan fan !! GO BOBBY!!!!

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  1. Sweetie, you really should link to the song...and the challenge! Good luck!! I love the layout, btw. You're so good at scrapping.