Tuesday, January 18, 2011

inspired by cheap......*love* and Elsie....

So I sit here with a nasty sinus cold but thought to meself...HEY get up and blog your valentines day decor that you are finishing up. I will admist that I am NOT a huge v-day decorator. Never have but my hunny asked me why I don't do anything for any other holidays except for christmas. SO I am trying to do a few things for each little holiday....I will be an equal opportunity decorator! Unfortunately I am sans money right now...good thing for a stash of paper and umm...."stuff" (aka to my hunny as junk)...so my inspiration for my decor this years vday....I *heart* books....and kind of a tribute to Elsie Flannigan....oh I LOVE doodles.....they shall NEVER be out of style for me !!! SO here is what I have done as of now :) If I am sick for much longer I either my mind might totally fly the coop or I will finish more putzy stuff for the house ;)!!!!


  1. Um. I wanna see your decorations.

  2. V-day is one of my favorite holidays. Always makes me think of mom.