Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A glimpse into my art journals this week....and Daisy Yellow Prompt 6 #16

Hello sweetie pies! First off, it is tuesday, which means the new prompt 6 over at Daisy Yellow is out.  I forgot to load up last weeks so here she is.  Just for your information, I FINISHED IT like last Thursday, I just flaked out on getting the post up!  So here she is,  Hop over to to Daisy Yellow and see if you can find all the prompts on my page....some are pretty hidden!!!

It is a  little out of my normal comfort zone for colors, but I have been trying out some new color schemes to shake me out of the box.  I tend more towards pinks, light blues and purples.   
Here is a few glimpses into my ongoing art journals......

Thanks for stopping!!  Don't forget, you are amazing!!!

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  1. Where is home indeed?! Good question.

    I love your painty energy that you create on the page. Looks like a whole lot of goodness is going on!