Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spread the love-week 2!

First off, not as much creative work this week.  More of, I have to clean my art areas before  I lose my dog forever in the piles of paper.  It is a task that needed to be done.  I would sit down and almost immediatly lose something which caused frustration and anxiety, which in turn equal LESS creative mojo!  So I tackled the sewing area first which looked like this.....

um...color me embarrassed!  Then onto this holy mess!!

Here is my poor little sweet Pixie just looking with disgust at the mess around my feet, she didn't have room to sit by them so she had to lay on the bed.  Poor dog, do you feel sorry for her having to sleep in a nest of pillows and my sweatshirt?

I *heart* my little sweetie pie!  
So anyways.  I will show you the finished product of my spring clean on the next post.  Now, now it is time for a little loving!!!

I am spreading the love for Tammy over Daisy Yellow.  She is undertaking a MEGA-WONDERFUL project to spread blog love!  It is great!  You get to see some wonderful blogs that you haven't found before.    My favorites file is HUGE now!  It is a great way for inspiring yourself with others art.  It is like a match to your creative bonfire! So here are my fab five links this week!!! 

1. Barb over at Art Journaling II has a really informative post about what she her favorite pens and yummy colors she uses in her art journal.  
2. Sammie over at Journal Girl has posted a video about the "process"  lovely.  I love her!!!
3. I love everything about Joanne Sharpe.  EVERYTHING!!
4.Orly over at one artist journal has a way of saying something beautifully, this post was something I understand completely!!
5. On Erin Bassett's blog she shows a recently completed art journal, but what really struck a chord with me is how she describes art journaling as her "sanity keeper".  I totally agree.

 Don't forget to pop over to her post (here)  to get everyone's blog post links!!  Have fun and keep the love going!!!



  1. Jennifer, Thank you for joining the MISSION to spread the link love! A great set of links to explore this week!

  2. thanks for sharing. It's good to see that Barb is posting again. I wouldn't have known that without the link love.
    Isn't this fun?!

    1. I have been peeking over from time to see if she has any new posts. It is fun! I find I get so busy looking at all the blogs that I am behind on prompt 6!! hahah oh well! thanks stopping!

  3. I love little Pixie, you are braver than me showing the mess, because I am much more untidier and messier and would not think of taking a photo!!

    I love the links, I loved Barb's work, made me think of someone else I can share for next weeks Link Love!! :)