Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring, sun and Friday Blog love!

Hello fabulous people!
It is FINALLY spring in Minnesota.  I feel kind of bad for my family who lives in more norther Minnesota....they still a PILE of snow.  But not bad enough that I couldn't go out and rake my yard.  Well not the whole yard.  It is in process!  It hasn't been done for years I am sure of it!  Dang squirrels and their digging and hiding walnuts.  They made a mess!  I have been enjoying getting outside and discovering the potential this yard has.  Since we moved here in September, I was more concerned with getting the house more livable and getting it ready for the onset of winter, so the yard just had the minimum of attention.  But now, I am seeing things starting to peek up out of the ground, it has me wondering what they are, hard to tell at this point, but it keeps me in suspense waiting!  Anyways, with all this fresh air and even a bit of sun, I have noticed a definite change in my art.  The colors are brighter, my subjects are lighter and more happy!  It is as if spring has sprung in my creativity.
I had such a wonderful time doing this page.  I didn't even write anything on it.  I just couldn't  I felt like it would ruin the feeling of it somehow!  I just had such a happy peaceful time creating this bird that i may have to make one out of my art journal and put to canvas to hang in my art room!   If anyone ever wonders if art journaling is messy......this is what my hands look like ALL THE TIME.  And YES, I do use brushes....I just use my fingers A LOT.  Maybe I didn't get to finger paint enough as a child and I am making up for it now.  There is nothing like smearing paint around with your bare hands!  Lovely feeling!!

Anywhooooooooo enough of me.  Onto Friday blog love!!!!

Tammy at Daisy Yellow has had a mission in the month of April to spread love to blogs all over!!  It has been a great way for me to find some new and amazing artists!  I have had a blast and have gotten some much needed inspiration!  So here is Fridays Fab Five!

  • Over at ArtyMess I am bowled over by the beauty of her textile art!  I just want to reach through the screen and TOUCH it!!!!  
  • I have just found a new artist that I have INSTANTLY fell in love!!!  Seriously LOVE!!! She is AMAZINGLY talented.  I know I throw the word amazing around...but she really is good!!!! Give some LOVE to Lynn Hoppe.  
  • Lisa Priti .  I love this blog.  I want to be able to shade faces like THIS!!!!
  • Sandra over at Doris's Daughter I had to smile at her latest painting....would that be me back in the day??  Love her style!!
  • Who of us struggles with finding time to creative in our day to day life.  It can be crazy, but over at A Girl and Her Brush, Wendy shows how she combats this with 10 minute art projects she has been doing!  Love her style so much!!!  PLUS she has the cutest little baby!!!!
There you have it.  Go love some blogs!!!  You may get inspriation you need to get GOING and get CREATIVE!!!  Remember you are AMAZING!!!



  1. Love your painted hands & I enjoyed your links! Love those textile postcards! So beautiful! Have a great weekend!

    1. YOU too! I am loving this mission tammy is doing!

  2. :) Lynn Hoppe is one of my favourite artists. In my post this week I am linking to her this week. How I love synchronicity! I am off to explore your other links. Thank you for sharing.

    There is such a connection to me and what I am working on when I touch it with my hands and feel it. Painting for me is messy too. :) Also some art Journaling pages need no words. Happy exploring in your yard!

    1. I love hearing from Natasha!!! I cam up after 4 hours of my yard...still no where close to done to do some art but got sucked into blogland!! Have a wonderful day sweets!!!!

  3. Catching up on some Friday links ... I am consistently amazed that I keep finding new artists and blogs. You'd think eventually it would all get circular but it doesn't.

    Thanks for sharing!