Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back in the saddle of Prompt 6!

Over at Daisy Yellow (have we guessed that this *may* be my favorite place in my art world???), Tammy has a weekly art journal prompts that consists of 6 things to include somehow in your art journal page.  The last couple of weeks have been a bit "different" for me.  When my routine with snow days in April, birthday and a last minute trip up north I haven't sat down like I usually do and devote the time I usually do for this  creative exercise.   When I do get upstairs I tend to sit at the sewing machine for a few minutes instead of at my table with my journals.  Just a mood I suppose!  But I said to myself...."Self, get it together   Lets get this weeks prompt 6 DONE"  So that is just what I did!  I decided to keep it pretty simple.
No major texture or collage treatments on this.  Just a bit of alcohol ink, watercolor, pen and willow charcoal (new toy I love but have decided it definitely needs a fixative-it is on the wish list)  Simple.  That is what I am feeling like lately.  I like my simple life, my simple routines, my simple pleasures.  Why have so much clutter?  Which brings me to a promise I made in the last post, to show the newly cleaned studio space.  I forgot to take pictures so I will have to post it *next* time.  I will, I promise promise promise!   Loves to all!


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  1. I love willow charcoal too. If you have hairspray you can use that as a fixative.