Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spread the love guys!

Tammy Garcia over at Daisy Yellow (who I ADORE) is on a new mission. To spread the love! I love the idea, and want to help. First off, let's just state that Tammy is AMAZING. I kind of have an "art" crush on her and her work! Kind of sounds creepy but I mean it in a totally NONE creepy type of way. She inspires me and my art, so if Tammy (who I have affectionately dubbed Queen Tammy) asks for some help and I am able to give it....well I am going to do it! So here it goes. My link love for the first week of April.

1. Lets start off with Regina over at Creative Kismet! First of all, isn't her blog banner THE BEST! I love the colors! Anyways, her art on magnolia leaves are A.M.A.Z.I.I.N.G. Of course I am in awe that someone has some leaves to work with, what with it still being winter this spring in Minnnesota. Jealous! 

2. Natasha White is another *art crush* I have. She is also AMAZING. She has such a wonderful style about her! She shows a beautiful spread of a technique she is linking too on her blog. Gessoed flowers=LOVE. PLUS she always really cute pictures of her kids during Holi week covered in color...give her a bit of love from me!!!

3. Pam Garrison. She uses such beautiful bright colors. It makes me want to try getting out of my normal comfort many pages can I do with purple and light blue? Take a second and really look at her banner, see that paint brush? Isn't that flipping adorable???!! OK. so this makes me jealous. I love this love pillow. I wish I could sew a straight line....*sigh* maybe in another life!!!
She is such a great inspiration!!!

4. Paula, I love your style lady! Look at her art journals!!! Beautiful. 'nuff said.

5. Last but not least is is Gabriele. I met her over on the Daisy Yellow face book page and *instantly* loved her work. She posted her very first "attempt" at art journaling. When I look at it I cannot help but be in awe of her talent. Bask in her sunlight she creates in her art! The colors are rich and so deep! LOVE HER!!!! go check her out!!!

so there is my love for 5 amazing and talented women....well actually six when you count Queen Tammy! Give a little support and visit!!! I for a fact know that getting comments on my blog is such a nice feeling!!! Spread the love!



  1. Jennifer!! Thank you. You have made my day. Love the other links you shared as well. You have said such kind things about me. Lovely you!! :)

  2. Jennifer, Thank you for working to spread the Link Love far and wide! And the stitching! The sewing paper! All good, all so wonderfully addictive. Thank you for the kind words and your positive support.