Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prompt 6 time again!!!

I have a set deadline for me to finish my weekly prompt 6 art journal page from Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow.  She puts a new one out on Tuesdays, so I tell myself that I have to get it done by then.  It is like the ONE thing I *make* myself finish.  Well, I am late.  BUT at least it is done.  I can't be too strict with myself or I get bull headed and not finish things on know just to stick it to the *man* so to speak.  Yes I fight with myself ALL the time.  It is an inner struggle....I want to do things but as soon as I have to I get stubborn and dig in my heals.  So yes, it is late., but is finished and I am happy with it.  Actually I am late AND early.  I did this weeks prompt too!!  Yay, I am ahead of the game!  So here is Daisy Yellow Prompt #17!

I used a bit more of a simplistic approach to this entry.  Few layers, few colors, mostly just sketching and writing.  Just for the info, I did NOT draw that girl, I traced her from an old text book image onto vellum.  I changed her hair and lips though....I didn't like the short hair she had in the image, nor the HUGE smile she had either.  I wanted the feeling of contemplating instead.  The journaling reads (for some reason my camera cut off a little on each side) She opened the envelope to her heart and let it lead her to her own palace. Check over at Daisy Yellow for the prompts and see if you can find them on my page!
This is for Daisy Yellow Prompt 6 #18

I really enjoyed this one, I made myself embrace the red prompt.  I am not a huge *red* person.  I think it is because it is my sisters favorite color.  Not that there is anything wrong with my sister.  It is just that I have always called "Denise" since like forever! We supposedly look a great deal alike....I don't think so...but hey whatever!  Anyways, so I tend to do as much things as I can different from her, maybe so I can set myself apart from her!  I don't know....anyways, I rarely use straight reds in my art.  It is too .....well...too red.  But I wanted to stretch out of my nice comfortable color scheme box.  I used just three, black white and red.  Simple but effective in what I was wanting.  After I took a picture of it I noticed I forgot to type the word *of* in the quote.  whoops....but hey this is my art journal, it doesn't have to be perfect!!!  

I hope all is well with everyone!  I will be back on Friday for spreading the Link love and showing you all what I have been doing in my art room!  (why do I find it so hard to call it a studio?  That is its purpose...but I have the same problem calling myself an *artist* as well....sounds like something to work out!!!)


  1. LOVE your red! And the black "nail polish" too ;) (Shhh...I won't tell!)
    Great job with both prompts! I am currently working on #18, but at the moment it is too organized & not chaotic enough! :)

  2. I never refer to myself as an artist, I call myself a painter.

    Go you for extending yourself, I think that is when the biggest growth happens. I love the sketchy graphite quality of the first one and the bold colour in the second.

    Good quote!

  3. I love the top one very much, especially the girl and the palace! And your second page, I love that quote and the way you incorporated it among the random letters is GENIUS!!! I totally understand what you were saying about doing things to distinguish yourself as different from your sister! I do the same thing! And I am not a fan of red in general either, but I do love the red and black of your page! <3