Friday, May 17, 2013

Sharing the Love mini version!!

Hello lovelies!

Today is going to be a short little post.  My son was in special Olympics today so I am running out of time, but I really want to spread some love for Tammy at Daisy Yellow.  First, because I am such a proud mama here is video and pics of Saul at his event and winning his wheelchair race....bonus is that he went straight, finished AND didn't run anyone over!!  Love this boy SOOOO MUCH, I am so lucky to have found him!!!!

His entire 3rd grade class came to cheer him on, they even made signs for him!!!!  LOVE THIS SCHOOL SO MUCH!!!!

Saul Hamming it up!!! 

A very Proud mama with the best boy in the world!!!  

So anyways, between this and some other things going on this week my creative productivity has been lacking.  I think that I will just count my son as being my creative piece this week!  I have a little love though for a few blogs that I peeked in on, despite my lack of art time.  So the mini version of the Friday fabulous five!!!( it is only 2 but fab five sounds so much better rolling off the tongue doesn't it??)

I love the Messy Canvas, lots of fun mojo going on there!!!
and Corine at Sparkle Day Studios, I want to paint this big!  I am going to have to go in the garage and see if I any sheets of wood I can steal for a large painting....Love this!!!!

Thanks for understanding the shortness of the post, and let's give my boy lots of LOVE!!!!



  1. Way to go, Saul!! How fabulous that his classmates came to cheer him on too!

  2. No apologies ... you were right where you needed to be today!
    Much love and I love your two links. Mandy is a favorite for such a long time and now I have someone new to meet.

  3. Congratulations Saul! Both of you are beautiful souls.

    You chose fantastic links as well. I am going to check out the video later when I am not on my phone!