Friday, May 31, 2013

Dodging raindrops

Hello my sweetie pies!
I try to post every Tuesday and Friday, but I missed this Tuesday.  I was outside dodging raindrops doing this to my yard.......

Extended my weeds, er I mean flowers to the whole side of my dilapidated garage in an effort to camouflage the immense horribleness of the said building.  For good measure I added some of our old deck boards that I have painstakingly removed to make a barrier to keep the weeds,  flowers in check .  Yeah going for the rustic look I guess.
Yet again removing more weeds, I mean flowers and caging them up again so I may have grass instead of an overgrowth of lilies!

Again I had a bright idea of trying to distract the attention for the garage to something a little bit nicer.  I dug a bed in the front for trellising some beans or cukes.  See those rocks?  They were all in the that little teeny tiny patch of ground I dug.  Yes, seriously.  But once I started I had to finish!!!!  They made a nice border for around the bed at least!
Amid the digging and weeding and pulling and nailing I did manage to eek out a small amount of time to create a little bit.  Not a lot though.  Most of that time was used in making thank you gifts for teachers and students of Saul's class.  His last day of school is today!  Next year I can't believe he will be in 4th grade!  I had a great idea (said sarcastically now, but full of joy then) to sew each child in his class a little thank you note for their support of his special Olympics, with a piece of candy of course:)  I started and much like the above garden bed, it was a bit bigger project than I had really anticipated.  But as with the garden, once I started I had to finish!  I am pleased with the end product!

I did it and also teacher gifts, which I didn't snap a photo.  I was pleased with the end result though.  Saul has such a wonderful school staff from his teacher to his bus drivers, I think that they need a special thank you for all the effort they give my little boy!  Thank You!!!!!

One last pic and then on to Friday's fab 5 for Link Love.  I had it in my head one rainy day this week that I wanted to draw a fox, kind of in a whimsical style.  I don't know why a fox.  That is all I could think of though, so I went with it.  I am loving the results.  It is a culmination of all the feelings that are raging inside of me.  I am happy and I am sad.  I am down but up at the same time.  One large contradiction. It will be interesting what I come up with for reasoning why I drew what I did.  It may not make sense now, but usually I understand later!  So here is my sweet fox friend, maybe she will show up more in my journal, we shall see.

Alright on to Linky Love for Tammy at Daisy Yellow.  I have to admit I haven't had a lot of time to be blog hopping this week.  I will share a few of my favorites though that I always go back to time and time again!  
  • First, I know I just sent a link over to Tammy already but I want to bring up again her Index card a day or as a lot of us lovingly call it ICAD.   It is going to be fun!!!  COME AND JOIN IN!!!
  • Karen Michel I really enjoy her blog, her pictures are beautifully taken!  *wish* I could take photo's like her!!!
  • Paulette Insall just YES!!  I just discovered her blog and most importantly her art!  *HEART* it.  Look at this bird!!!!!! (I know, me and birds right.....)
  • JoAnn at Whimspirations always amazes me with her lettering and doodles.....note to self, must work on lettering and doodles.
  • Last but not least is my beautiful friend Sweet Red Clover.  She blogs about how her process of drawing faces. I am always so interested in how others do their art!!!
So there my lovelies!  There is a look into my life this week.  Hope that I will be able to get upstairs and paint a bit this coming week!  At least I have the index cards to do!!!!  

Love and hugs



  1. Jennifer, I absolutely LOVE that you made those Thank You notes for your son's class!! SO sweet!! And they came out beautiful!!

    Love your Fox too! Isn't it fun to see how these images manifest themselves in our work?

    Off with my coffee to check out your links now!

  2. The first online art course I ever took was from Paulette Insall. Wonderful!

  3. Wonderful post, inspiring indeed!!! :]

    ** such a thoughtful gift & love your journal spread.

  4. How lovely of you to make all the children something. A huge undertaking.

    Ugh. The garden. I love having a garden, but I don't love the work of it!

    Love your fox spread. Those times when we are all over the place can be exhausting.

  5. Hello from Share the Link Love at Daisy Yellow!

  6. I followed a crafty trail to your blog tonight while doing some research. Great ideas here! Thanks