Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Link love and another peek at my art this week....

Have you ever had a week that seemed like it lasted for a month?  That has been week for me!  A lot has went on this week.  It started out so bright, hopeful and full of sun and now it is ending in opposite!  It is times like these that I am so glad that I art journal.  It is a release for me, a way of getting out fear, aggression, happiness and excitement!  It is a way I can actually *feel* what is going on in a way that I can connect with.  I won't get into all the stuff going on in life, no worries!  We will come out on top, but I do like to look back and see what I have done this week and see how my art has been affected by my moods and life around me!  So here is a glance into my art and heart.
I have a pile of my grandparents old postcards that I have not known what to do with. But I couldn't bear to toss them, so I decided to stitch them together with the sewing machine (which is also my grandma's)  I am not sure what I am going to do with this yet, probably just stick it on my wall somewhere.  I love how it turned out though!

Sewing on paper....YUMMO!!!

I am doing a little challenge from April Cole (a new blog I found who is AWESOME!!! Continue to Link Love for a Link)  This month is about flowers.  I did a watercolor sketch of a few tulips in my front flowerbed that are budding out. I enjoyed the freedom of the paint going where ever it wanted to!
I have been perusing through a collage book from the library and  wanted to try something a little different than my normal type of collage work.  I will have to say that I had a BLAST with this.  It is a little tongue in cheek humor for us art of the motto's we live for is that there are NO rules. SO when I saw this graphic stating the rules for painting....I had to use it!  I like that it is just a FUN page, no deep meanings, nothing hidden.  Just plain unadulterated  "funness" on one page! 

Just playing with watercolor and acrylic paint.

The start of a background.  I was using the straw technique for blowing paint around on the page.  Note to self,  CAUTION: maybe cause you to be lightheaded.....

First completed Mandala, Jennifer style.  I have wanted to do mandala's but have not been happy with the results.  I am happy with this grungy looking mess I have going on here.  I will do more in this type of style in the future.

hello toes photo bombing my blog picture.....

I try to do a face or two a week to keep honing my skills of shading and drawing.  I did it at a different angle this time, and am just *ok* with the result.  I did like how she looked strong though. I felt strong that day!

Another may flower !

Just for good sweet little puppy! Give her a little love, she had a rough day on Friday when my son ran over her tiny paw with his 300+ wheelchair.....she is ok though, not broken just bruised.

Surprise surprise,a bird!  Playing with collage again.

What I felt like.

sketching in my art journal

OK. That's enough of that :)  Stick around because now it is time for LINKY LOVE!!!  My favorite time of the week!!!!  Get your blog seat belts fastened to go for a trip into some amazing creative soaked minds!!!!!
Here are the Fab Five of Friday for Daisy Yellow, check her out!!!
  •  April Cole, I just discovered her and LOVE her and her art!  Just go look!!!
  • Alma Stoller shows an alternative to bought canvas's and we all know how I am all about CHEAP!
  • Robin has a beautiful way with words and her art!!!!  So colorful and bold!!!  I need to be more like this!!!!
  • Kate.....oh wow is all I have to say....that and can someone hand me a napkin I am drooling all over her junk thinks I have to try this!!!
  • Last and not least is Renee I love how she photographed her start of the page and then how it ended up in the end.  So many times I start with something completely different in the beginning than what it ends up to be!  So fun and she is so talented!
Lots of love and don't forget...
You are AMAZING!!!


  1. Jennifer, I love your style! Beautiful stuff here! Aww, big hugs to Pixie! Sweet ill' pup. And I just discovered April Cole too! Great site!
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Thanks for the links! You have some great sketches...I like the pages with "set me free" and "rules" Great finding you from Link Love.

  3. You have had a busy week!! Love the explorations you are making in your journal. Love what you did with your grandparent's postcards. I hope this week is a better week for you. Loving the new look of your blog. :)

    I am going to enjoy exploring April's work, I loved what I saw when I just clicked over, thank you for sharing.